Thrill of the Chase


Elvis Stojko has a reputation for not only being a fierce competitor, but also a man of opinions and ideals… all of which he has never hid from the world. People could call him the consummate champion. Against all odds he conquered the amateur skating world, then the professional skating world, then he moved onto the stage and conquered Broadway, he’s become a martial art champion, he’s even conquered three very prestigious Hall of Fames, and now the iconic Canadian athlete has set his sights on the world of motorsports.

For a man with the track record of Stojko – do we call it luck? Perhaps being in the right place at the right time? Or does Elvis have a formula for success?

Trading in his skates for engines, and his spins for tires, and coaches for mechanics – we will follow this proud Canadian competitor as he moves from the ice to the asphalt in an attempt to become a household name in the world of motorsports.

In this documentary, Elvis will reveal to us how he approaches a sport, how he trains his body, how he trains his mind, whom he trains with, and how he uses what he’s learned in other sports (and his private life) to get him to his ultimate goal… a world championship in motorsports!

With a combination of exciting racing sequence footage, on track training sequences footage, numerous interviews, and of course detailed and intimate one on one conversations with Elvis himself, this documentary will reveal to the viewer how a champion becomes a champion, and takes that essence and moves it into every aspect of their lives.  For more info visit:

Elvis on track



Author: Steven J Wong

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